Shriprabhuji is an enlightened mystic, motivational speaker, life guide and our beloved master. Master says, Man is the greatest miracle in the universe. The very porpose of human birth is to become a light unto himself and to the universe. But today we have forgotten completely the original nature. We are living an incomplete life. We are living only one side of the life i.e. materialistic life. We never try to know, why we have come to this earth, where we go after death. Simply a forgotten life we are living. We forgot the essence and fragnance of human life. Mas has completely engaged in the activities of mundane world. He never tries to think about mystory of human life.
The true life is spiritual life, which is ignored totally. Master says Man is already Enlightened that means all human beings are enlightened, but unfortunate thing is we have forgotten our original self totally and we are living a pseudo life.


To create a new man with a new world for the awareness of Patriotism, love for nature, love for society, love for science, love for mankind, love for soul and love for truth and to create the esoteric group for the inner life and the exoteric group for the outer life in order to spread the Sanatana Guru and Rushi dharma all over the globe and to initiate the new Sannyas for seeking and searching all the secrets of life and attaining the enlightenment and to teach about the depths of life, heights of consciousness and mysteries of existence and to transform every human being to be a master unto his life and to be a light unto himself.