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Sabitha Indra Reddy launched IAUYSA Lead the future

Our honourable education minister of Telangana, Smt Patlolla Sabitha Indra Reddy, released the poster of IAUYSA Lead the future session-7 on Emotional Intelligence will be conducted by SP Maestro on 8th August 2021. In a short speech, she addressed the IAUYSA team with motivational support. Sabitha Indra Reddy said that it is delightful to see youth participating in social welfare activities. She said that during these difficult times of the COVID situation, conducting such online sessions instead of mass gatherings is commendable. IAUYSA team is thankful to Smt, P. Indra Reddy for spending time out of her busy schedule to launch Lead the future Session 7 poster.

In the continuous momentum of empowering youth, IAUYSA has completed six sessions; that inspired thousands of youth worldwide. This session is conducted for free online by SP Maestro. This session will help youngsters to get an insight into emotional intelligence. It is a heartful invite to all youngsters to attend the free online session.

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