Shaktipeetam – Wooden


  • This shaktipeet is called by different names like: Aumaujaya Poorna, Aumaujaya Chaitanya Shaktipeet, and Swayambhu Chaitanya Shaktipeet.
  • The Chaitanya shaktipeet is the embodiment of the essence and juice of all religions, dharmas, rishis, Gods & Goddesses, gurus who existed in the universe, and infinite consciousness, energy, and knowledge of eternal truth which is beyond the universe.
  • We can attain all kinds of fortunes, virtues, riches (wealth & health), unlimited energy, calibre, healing power, extrasensory perception, insight, and the ultimate peak of the fulfilment of human life by seeing, touching, worshipping, and meditating in front of Swayambhu Chaitanya Shaktipeet.
  • The presence of shaktipeetam nullifies radiation and all types of negative energy. It fills the place with positive and divine energy.


Additional information

Weight 0.61 kg
Dimensions 11.43 × 17.78 × 45.72 cm